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Sodomy in Alabama is defined as “deviate sexual intercourse.” What does this mean? Alabama law says that “deviate sexual intercourse” is genital to anus contact, and mouth to genital contact. There are two degrees of Sodomy prosecuted in Alabama.

Sodomy in the first degree

According to Code of Alabama (1975) 13A-6-63, sodomy 1st is “deviate sexual intercourse” with another person by forcible compulsion; with a person that is incapable of consent; or with a child under 12 (with the defendant being over 16).

As a Class A felony, sodomy in the first degree subjects those convicted with a minimum period of imprisonment of 10 years all the way up to life in prison as well as sex offender registration requirements.

Sodomy in the second degree

According to Code of Alabama (1975) 13A-6-64 sodomy II is “deviate sexual intercourse” between a defendant over 16 years old with another who is between the ages of 12 and 15 (as with statutory rape, consent is not a defense), or with a person that can’t consent due to a mental defect.

As a Class B felony, sodomy 2nd subjects those convicted with imprisonment for up to 20 years, and requires sex offender registration.

Contrary to rumor, the State of Alabama does not prosecuted cases of oral sex or anal sex between consenting adults, although such activity would fall under Alabama’s definition of “deviate sexual conduct.”

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