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Have you been charged with identity theft in Houston County, Alabama or the surrounding area? If so, the Dothan ID theft lawyers at Boles Holmes White are knowledgeable about this emerging area of criminal law in Alabama. Alabama law enforcement are regularly charging people with not only stealing someone’s identity, but also with trafficking in stolen identities.

When someone uses another person’s identity, without their permission, to obtain some benefit such as a loan, goods, services, or a job, it is called identity theft. Due to the problems identity theft can cause its victims with their credit, the Alabama legislature has made punishment for such crime up to 20 years in prison as a Class B felony. The defense of these cases are often similar to the defenses available to fraudulent use of a credit card and lack of criminal intent, or permission of the “victim” can be successful defenses depending on your particular case.

Trafficking in Stolen Identities

If you possess five or more identifying documents or identifying information any combination of people without their permission with the intent they be used for any personal benefit, you can be charged with trafficking in stolen identities.

These trafficking cases are often brought in federal court by the United States attorney, but can also be charged by the State.  Our Dothan criminal defense attorneys have experience in these trafficking cases in both State and Federal Court.  The penalties for trafficking in stolen identities are stiff in both state and federal court.  If you are the target of a stolen identities investigation, you can’t afford to wait.  Contact the stolen ID attorneys at Boles Holmes White at 334-366-6086 and let us represent you.

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