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The criminal defense attorneys at Boles Holmes White are known for their stunning victories in high-profile cases of national interest. Our Dothan office also specifically focuses on felony and misdemeanor driving while under the influence (DUI) defense throughout the state of Alabama.

Our concentration on DUI and driving while intoxicated (DWI) law and cases means that our clients benefit from focused, sophisticated and confident representation in a friendly and attentive atmosphere. Contact a DUI attorney in Dothan, AL at 334-366-6086 for a consultation with a lawyer that can help in resolving a DUI case in Alabama.

Because DUI and DWI cases often have long-ranging impacts if you are found guilty, it is important to hire a defense attorney and not simply save money by pleading guilty. First of all, you could have strong defenses ranging from an improper traffic stop to unreliable toxicology reports. These defenses are often difficult to spot for both citizens and other lawyers, but our experienced attorneys can find the flaws in the government’s case against you. There might also be pretrial diversion programs in the community where you were arrested that could sidestep the criminal justice system altogether.

A DWI Law Firm serving clients throughout the state of Alabama

An experienced Dothan DUI attorney at Boles Holmes White can evaluate your situation and find a way to protect you from the consequences of a drunk driving conviction. This is important because even a first offense can cost you several thousand dollars in court costs, fines, increased insurance premiums, chemical dependency treatment and license reinstatement fees. As a result, our single flat fee for your defense might turn out to be a great investment.

Our DWI and DUI defense attorneys in Dothan, AL are all accomplished trial lawyers who know how to find the weaknesses in a DUI case and apply them to the benefit of our clients. We handle misdemeanor DUI defenserepeat DUI or DUI felonies, tourist or commercial driver arrests, and driver’s license suspension hearings. You will get personal attention from your first consultation until your case is settled. They can advise you about your DUI & DWI defense options in a free initial consultation.

Contact Boles Holmes White in Dothan, AL as soon as possible after your arrest to get your defense organized and under way.


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