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Dothan Criminal Defense Attorneys: Aggressively Defending Your Freedom

Over the last five decades, across the nation and right here in Dothan, we have defended our clients against nearly every conceivable criminal charge: drug crimes, sex crimes, theftdomestic violence, home invasion, high stakes federal crimes and many others. We have a long history of success. But when the charges are Alabama homicide, our experience and skill may be most apparent. And most necessary.

There is no more serious crime than murder. In Alabama, if you are convicted of murder, you confront the possibility of state ordered execution. The death penalty is a very real possibility if you are found guilty of homicide. It has been said that there is no murder other than capital murder in Houston County, given the aggressiveness of local prosecutors. Why face such a possibility without the right Alabama homicide lawyers on your side? Call us for an experienced attorney in Dothan who knows the high stakes and the deep complexity of a homicide trial in Alabama. Call (334)-366-6086 to speak with your criminal defense lawyer about your homicide case.

Your attorney will gather the details of your case, examine every aspect of the arrest, the way that evidence was gathered, and make sure that no aspect of your circumstances is left unexamined. Why wait? Start a rigorous defense of your freedom—and perhaps your life—by contacting the Dothan criminal defense attorneys at Boles Holmes White.

Call a Murder Defense Lawyer for the Most Rigorous Defense Possible

Our homicide lawyers are exceptional trial attorneys; if your case goes to trial, you will have the benefit of a law firm with exceptional resources. Our national presence and reputation means that we can call on the most qualified expert witnesses, forensic specialists, crime scene investigators and other professionals who can help affirm your rights in a homicide trial. Along with this formidable legal team, your homicide defense attorney will also be a sophisticated and aggressive voice for you. Your attorney has vast experience before judges and juries in Alabama murder cases. However, our defense attorneys and their team of legal professionals will fight to have your case dismissed prior to trial.

As skilled negotiators, your attorneys know this: many times a murder arrest does not lead to trial. Your attorney may be able to question the very foundation of the charges brought against you and get your murder charges dropped. Furthermore, you may be charged with murder but we may be able to get your charges reduced. Perhaps your circumstance justified the use of deadly force. Perhaps your case involved involuntary manslaughter. Or, perhaps, you were nowhere near the scene of the crime and you were arrested for no justifiable reason. Even if you have already been convicted of murder in Alabama, we can still fight for you; we have deep experience in appeals and post-conviction relief related to Alabama homicide. Call us at (334)-366-6086, or email us to discuss all of the many options a Alabama homicide & murder lawyer has to defend you.

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