Dothan Shoplifting Lawyers for Aggressive Theft Defense

Enterprise Criminal Attorneys – Minimize the Risk of Harsh Alabama Penalties

In Alabama, if you are arrested for shoplifting, you may face serious consequences. Depending on the value of the item in question, you may face prison time, massive fines, and probation. If you were arrested for shoplifting at an Enterprise jewelry store, arrested at a shopping mall in Dothan, or alleged to have stolen merchandise from any store in Alabama, theft defense attorneys at Boles Holmes White will defend you. We will minimize your risk of harsh Alabama criminal penalties. Wherever you were arrested for theft in Alabama and whatever the circumstances of your case, call (334)-366-6086.

Even a first-time offense for an item that is valued at less than $500 may lead to a year in prison and a fine of $6,000. Why face the possibility of suffering these penalties without an experienced Dothan shoplifting lawyer defending you? Contact an aggressive defense lawyer in Dothan at Boles Holmes White.

Call an Enterprise Criminal Defense Attorney if Arrested for High Value Theft

When you contact our law firm on-line or call us at (334)-366-6086, you will have the chance to speak directly with a skilled defense lawyer at one of the nation’s most prominent law firms. We have a reputation as relentless and sophisticated criminal defense attorneys. There is a reason why our law firm and our defense attorneys are regularly featured in the national news media.

If you have been arrested for shoplifting in Dothan, this is your first offense and the item you are alleged to have stolen is valued at less than $500, we will defend you. However, if you have prior criminal convictions, the item in question exceeds $500 in value and you are facing harsh penalties, we must defend you. Our criminal defense attorneys understand the grim realities if you are convicted of 2nd or 1st degree theft in Alabama:

  • At least a year and as much as 20 years in jail
  • $15,000 to $30,000 in fines
  • Restitution to victims
  • A possible civil suit filed by alleged victims of theft
  • Years of probation
  • A criminal record that may impact your job opportunities

Don’t risk these penalties. Instead, contact an attorney who will do everything legally possible to have your case dismissed or your charges reduced. At Boles Holmes White, your rights will be our priority; we have the skill and experience you need. Call our Dothan shoplifting lawyers today at (334)-366-6086.


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