Sex Crimes

Dothan Sex Crimes Lawyers with the Experience You Need

Besides the charge of murder, there may be no more serious charge than an Alabama sex crime allegation. Some sex crimes in Alabama carry massive penalties and life-altering consequences. If you have been arrested or believe that you are being investigated for a sex crime, call defense lawyers who are experienced and will be aggressive in your defense: (334)-366-6086. When you call us, we will immediately begin formulating a defense of your rights for an alleged sex crimes offense.

No matter the charges you face, we will defend you with all of our vast resources and experience. In Alabama sex crimes cases, prosecutors will aggressively pursue the most brutal penalties against you especially if your case is related to a child sex crime. Alabama prosecutors may try to bully you and step on your rights. We won’t allow it. When you contact our Dothan sex crimes attorneys, experts with a relentless commitment to your Constitutional rights will be on your side.

Enterprise AL Sex Offense Lawyers for all Sex Crimes Charges

If you have been arrested for a sex crime in Alabama, you are already experiencing enough anxiety: you may be facing decades in prison, damage to your professional life, abuse to your reputation, huge financial consequences and the possibility of registering as a sex offender for the rest of your life. There is no reason to face these consequences alone, or to face them with a defense attorney who judges you for the alleged crimes. At the Boles Holmes White, our criminal defense lawyers are not concerned with judging you. They are concerned with only one thing: protecting your Constitutional rights.

We have assisted clients accused of nearly every conceivable sex crime charge in Alabama. No matter what charges you face, you will have a skilled, experienced, and deeply knowledgeable sex crimes attorney on your side. We will stop at nothing to ensure your legal rights are protected. Contact us if you face any charge including:

Cases related to sexual crimes in Alabama can be extremely complex and emotionally volatile. You need a lawyer who understands Alabama law and has the resources to defend you against the most aggressive prosecutors. Call (334)-366-6086, or email us to speak with an experienced Dothan sex crimes attorney today.


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