Sexual Abuse

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Sexual abuse is a criminal allegation that the defendant intentionally touched another person in an unwanted sexual way. It does not include forcible sexual intercourse, as that is called “Rape”, but instead is simply sexual touching. As a sexual offense, those convicted are required to register as a sex offender, and are limited in where they can live or work.

Alabama law recognizes two degrees of sexual abuse chages: sexual abuse I and sexual abuse II.

Sexual Abuse First Degree

Sexual abuse 1st  is a Class C felony, meaning those convicted fact up to 10 years in prison.  According to Code of Alabama (1975), this charge applies to someone that subjects another person to sexual contact when that person cannot consent, or does so forcibly.  is outlined in Alabama Code 13A-6-66.

Sexual Abuse Second Degree

Sexual abuse 2nd is also a Class C felony, subjecting those convicted to imprisonment up to 10 years.  According to Code of Alabama (1975), this charge applies to someone that subjects a person to sexual contact that is incapable of consent or is under 16, but over 12 years of age.

Sexual Abuse of Child Under 12

As its name describes, this charge applies to anyone that subjects a child under 12 to sexual contact. Under Code of Alabama (1975) 13A-6-69.1, anyone convicted of this charge faces up to 20 years in prison as a Class B felony.

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