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Houston County Post-Conviction Relief Lawyers; Guiding You Through Appellate Court

For more than four decades, criminal appeals lawyers at Boles Holmes White have been defending clients against a wide variety of criminal charges in Alabama. We have also helped numerous clients reduce the sentences imposed on them by Alabama and federal courts or appeal their convictions. Call us to fight your conviction: (334)-366-6086.

If you are facing charges such as disorderly conduct or you have violated conditions of your Alabama probation, we have vast experience in defending clients in Alabama from harsh punishment. Also, if you have been convicted of a more serious crime such as kidnapping or murder, criminal defense lawyers in Dothan are ready to fight for your freedom. Call (334)-366-6086 to discuss your appeal with an experienced criminal defense attorney to guide you through Alabama appellate court.

We will diligently re-examine your case and look for any problems with the prosecution’s case.  You will also receive straightforward legal advice on whether or not your conviction has a chance of being overturned or your sentence reduced:

  • Was evidence in your case improperly admitted?
  • Did Dothan police admit to making any improper statements during your case?
  • Did Alabama prosecutors fail to provide you with a fair trial?
  • Did the Alabama jury receive improper instruction during your initial trial?
  • During your trial or plea agreement, were any mistakes made by the Alabama court?
  • Was your prior Dothan defense lawyer competent?
  • Is your punishment unreasonably harsh?

Whether you want to appeal your conviction at the state level or if you are fighting to appeal a conviction and sentence on federal crimescontact Dothan’s Boles Holmes White.

Eufaula Post-Conviction Relief Lawyers; Skilled, Experienced in Alabama Law

Our attorneys know that Alabama Appellate Courts are different than other courts. At the appellate level, judges are looking for extremely sophisticated arguments that address complex legal theories and subtle mistakes that may have been made during the initial trial. Your attorney needs to be up to these demands. Contact Boles Homes White.

Whatever situation you face, do not hesitate to file for an appeal: you have a very limited amount of time to request an appeal.  Call (334)-366-6086, or email us to talk to an experienced Dothan criminal appeals attorney.

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