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One of the most difficult situations one can face is a divorce in Alabama.  It shouldn’t be navigated unless you have an experienced Alabama divorce lawyer.

A divorce can cause stress, preventing you from clear thought.  For many, divorce is something they never anticipated and something they’ve never experienced.  The Dothan divorce attorneys at Boles Holmes White have years of experience.  We deal with divorce and family law issues on a daily basis, and regularly advise clients in the most complex family law cases.

Regardless of whether your objective is to obtain a friendly settlement, or to battle for your property or custody rights, our divorce lawyers can assist.  The Dothan attorneys at Boles Holmes White are here to guide you through the legal maze and protect you from your soon to be ex.

We can represent you in your child custody and child visitation disagreement, your fight for or against child support and alimony, any real or personal property dispute, and any other aspect of your Alabama divorce.

Fighting For You In Your Divorce

If you have suffered from domestic violence, adultery, or your spouse has substance abuse issues, the Dothan divorce attorneys at Boles Holmes White can act quickly to ensure the protection of your rights.  We may decide to request the Court to grant child custody and possession of the house to our clients before the divorce is even over.  We also have experience in getting the Court to grant and Order of Protection.

Divorce Negotiations

On the other hand, if you and your spouse have simply decided to peaceably go your separate ways, we can help you with that also.  We often file uncontested divorces, without an attorney representing the opposing party, or we will negotiate with the other side’s lawyer to resolve any issues.  Our divorce attorneys also have years of experience with mediation in divorce cases, where divorces are settled outside of the court by a mediator agreed upon by the parties or appointed by the court.

Enforcement Of Dothan Divorce Decrees

If you are already divorced, but need help forcing your ex to comply with the divorce order, or if you want to see if you can modify the decree, the Dothan divorce attorneys at Boles Holmes White can assist.

When there have been material changes in your financial circumstances since the divorce decree, we can file a motion with the Court requesting a modification of the child support payments.  In some circumstances, we can make a similar request to modify alimony payments also.

If your ex has failed to do something the Court ordered them to do, they can be charged with contempt of court.  The Dothan divorce attorneys at Boles Holmes White will petition the Court for a hearing and request an Order for your ex to have to explain their violation of the original divorce decree.

Call Our Dothan Divorce Attorneys

Whether you are seeking an Alabama divorce lawyer in Dothan, Abbeville, Ozark, Enterprise, Geneva, Eufaula or other surrounding location, allow us to put our divorce attorneys to work for you.  Contact the Dothan divorce lawyers at 334-366-6086 today.

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