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Defense attorneys in Dothan for rape cases know this: there are few criminal cases as complex and as emotionally charged as those related to sexual misconduct. Attorneys who are extremely knowledgeable about Alabama sex crimes statutes are absolutely vital in your defense against rape charges and other alleged sexual offenses. Our Dothan rape attorneys not only have comprehensive knowledge of Alabama sex crimes law; we also have extensive trial experience in sex crimes cases. But our attorneys have something else that is vital to your defense in a rape case: the resources of a nationally prominent criminal defense law firm.

Boles Holmes White in Dothan has a national presence and well-deserved reputation for waging rigorous defense of our clients. Whatever sexual criminal charges you face, defense attorneys at our firm will use all of our vast resources to defend you against charges of sexual assault, sexual misconduct, and any sex crime charge in Alabama. Call (334)-366-6086.

Ft. Rucker Sex Crimes Defense Lawyers – Answering Your Questions

Our defense attorneys can defend you against sex crimes charges no matter what you face. We can also offer sound legal advice that is based upon decades of experience and the most up-to-date legal knowledge related to Alabama sex crimes. Every case is different and your defense will be developed in way that specifically addresses the details of your sex crimes allegations in Alabama. However, our experienced sexual assault lawyers are often asked:

What is statutory rape in Alabama? When accusations of sexual assault involve a minor in Alabama, you may be charged with a sex crime involving a child or you may be charged with statutory rape. This is especially true when the minor between 12 and 16 appears to have consented to sexual conduct. In Alabama, the age of consent is strictly defined. Even if a minor claims to have consented, according to Alabama sex crimes law, this may still be considered statutory rape because the minor is not—according to the law—able to consent. Even if you were unaware of the age of your partner, you may be charged with statutory rape. Contact our Dothan statutory rape attorneys today.

Criminal Defense Lawyers; Protecting You From Harsh Penalties in Alabama

You may face decades in prison, court costs, large fines, and other penalties that can ruin your life. If you must registers as a sex-offender as a result of conviction, you may have the places where you can live and work severely restricted for the rest of your life. Our sexual assault and rape attorneys can protect you from these harsh penalties and minimize your risk of incarceration. We will use all of our skill and the vast resources of Boles Holmes White in an effort to get your charges dropped or at least reduced. There is no reason to face the possibility of a sex crimes conviction in Alabama without a Dothan Rape and sex crimes defense attorney – call (334)-366-6086, or email us today.

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