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Unlawful manufacturing of a controlled substance, also known as “UMCS”, is a State of Alabama criminal charge typically dealing with meth labs. Beginning in the 1990’s and continuing today, the State of Alabama has been aggressive in arresting those believed to be cooking methamphetamine. One step the State has taken is restricting the public’s access to the primary ingredient in meth – pseudoephedrine. Pseudoephedrine used to be sold over the counter in cold medications such as Sudafed. However, pharmacies are now required to limit the amount a person can purchase, and also require identification.

Despite these steps to limit UMCS, we regularly see arrests associated with meth labs all over the State, and we have seen a very aggressive prosecution of these defendants.

Unlawful Manufacture of a Controlled Substance First Degree

UMCS I typically means someone is accused of cooking meth while two of the following aggravators exist: a firearm is present; a booby trap is present; there is a residence within 500 feet of the lab; or a child is present while the meth is being manufactured.

UMCS first degree is punishable by up to life in prison with a 10 year minimum as a Class A felony.

Unlawful Manufacture of a Controlled Substance Second Degree

If two or more of the aggravators listed above are NOT present, yet a meth lab still allegedly exists, the defendant will be charged with UMCS II which is a Class B felony and is punishable by a sentence of up to 20 years.

You can also be charged with UMCS 2nd even if you don’t have an active lab, but simply the ingredients to cook meth.  This is called the possession of “precursor chemicals” and can subject you to a charge of unlawful manufacturing of meth in the second degree.

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