Property Crimes

Dothan Criminal Attorneys Representing Those Accused Of Stealing

Accusations of theft or fraud are very common in Alabama.  Our Dothan criminal attorneys regularly represent clients in all manner of crimes related to the theft, attempted theft, or damage to property.  Some of the most common charges we defend are:

Our attorneys have had theft charges dismissed before trial, and have obtained “not guilty” verdicts on both bench and jury trials. Hundreds of our clients have been admitted to deferred prosecution or pretrial diversion programs on theft charges a well.

You can’t afford to have a subpar criminal defense team on your side.  While punishments are typically not as stiff for property crimes as they are for violent crimes, a conviction for a felony property crime could still result in:

  • sentence to jail or prison
  • mandatory community corrections enrollment
  • a lengthy probationary period
  • expensive fines, costs and restitution
  • loss of driving privileges
  • inability to obtain a good job because of conviction
  • loss of the right to vote or carry a firearm

If you have been accused of a fraud or theft, your reputation and your freedom are at stake.  Contact the experienced Dothan criminal attorneys at Boles Holmes White for a review of your case.  Call 334-366-6086, or email us today for a consultation.


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