Dothan Prostitution & Solicitation Attorneys in Alabama

Houston County Sex Crimes Lawyers: Begin Your AL Criminal Defense Now

Contact Boles Holmes White if you have been arrested for soliciting sex for money or you have been arrested for prostitution in Dothan. We have been defending clients in Alabama against a wide variety of sex crimes for decades. Our experience will be used to your advantage if you face criminal prosecution for charges related to prostitution or solicitation or related sex crimes. There is no sex crimes case in Alabama that our criminal lawyers cannot face.

You may have a variety of charges brought against you that are related to solicitation and prostitution in Dothan. We can rigorously defend you against any charges including:

  • Arranging sex for pay
  • Promoting prostitution
  • Human trafficking for sexual purposes
  • Sexual exploitation of a minor including prostitution
  • Hiring a prostitute
  • Providing a location for prostitution

Your legal rights should be rigorously defended against charges of prostitution or solicitation. Call the criminal defense attorneys at Boles Holmes White: (334)-366-6086.

Houston County Sex Crimes Lawyers for Aggressive Defense Against Charges

Your life may be altered dramatically if you are convicted of a prostitution or solicitation charge in Dothan. Alabama law may require you to spend weeks in jail based on your conviction.  If you are convicted multiple times of prostitution or solicitation in Alabama, you face months in jail. Do not face the possibility of these consequences without a skilled prostitution attorney fighting for you. Contact us now to fight for your rights and significantly reduce your risk of conviction.

Contact Dothan Prostitution & Solicitation Attorneys at the Boles Holmes White

For more than four decades, the attorneys at Boles Holmes White have been building a nationwide reputation as leaders in criminal defense. Contact us now to discuss the many strategies we can use to defend your rights: Were you entrapped by Dothan police? Were your rights violated by Houston County law enforcement? Did your Miranda rights get read to you during your prostitution arrest?  Was an undercover police officer involved in coercing you into solicitation? Have you been forced into prostitution? Call us at (334)-366-6086 to discuss answers to these questions and other approaches with your Dothan prostitution & solicitation attorney today.

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