Federal Drug Crimes

Dothan Federal Drug Charge Attorneys

Representing those charged with Federal Drug Crimes in Montgomery, Dothan, Auburn, Mobile, Birmingham and throughout the State of Alabama

Every Alabama criminal attorney has represented a client charged with a drug crime, but not many attorneys represent drug clients in Federal Court.  Even fewer have done so successfully.   Our federal criminal attorneys at Boles Holmes White have a long history of success in federal cases, including federal drug cases.

Federal drug cases are tried in the United States District Court.  Dothan is in the Middle District of Alabama, and the primary courthouse for the Middle District is in Montgomery.  Most federal drug cases arising in Dothan, Troy, Auburn, Montgomery and Southeast Alabama are held at the Federal Courthouse in Montgomery due to security concerns with the satellite courthouses in Dothan and Auburn.

The federal authorities usually only get involved in drug cases when they believe the defendant is part of a large multistate drug conspiracy.  When they have a target on you, they usually are seeking extremely long prison sentences in the event of a conviction.

The federal drug defense attorneys at Boles Holmes White have handled many drug cases in federal court throughout Alabama and the United States.  The common federal drug charges are:

  • Possession with intent to distribute
  • Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute
  • Continuing criminal enterprise, or being a drug kingpin
  • Money laundering of drug money
  • Criminal asset forfeitures of drug related property

The federal drug conspiracy attorneys with Boles Holmes White know how to deal with:

  • Informants;
  • telephone wire taps;
  • searches and seizures pursuant to an improper warrant;
  • undercover videotape evidence;
  • pre-textual traffic stops; and
  • improper forensic methods

Punishment for convictions of a federal drug crime is severe, and often times the prosecutor will not make you any favorable offer.  This means you need to prepare for trial with an experienced federal trial attorney.

If you have a friend, spouse, or child that has been charged with a federal drug conspiracy or other federal charge, call a team of experienced federal criminal attorneys at Boles Holmes White that will fight the government to protect the rights of the accused.  Call today at 334-366-6086.


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