Dothan Assault Attorney; Defending Your Rights in Alabama

Alabama First-Degree, Second-Degree, Third-Degree Assault Lawyers

Aggravated assault in Alabama is a serious issue even though Alabama only has “assault” designated as a formal crime. If you are looking for a defense attorney after your arrest on assault charges in Dothan, criminal defense lawyers at Boles Holmes White are ready to protect your rights. If you have been charged with any of the following crimes, call (334)-366-6086.

Alabama First-Degree Assault

Alabama law classifies first-degree assault as the most serious assault charge. This crime is a felony and can lead to serious prison time: the maximum allowed is twenty years and fines may be in excess of $30,000 if you are convicted. The charge typically involves serious injury and may also include assault with a deadly weapon. Such cases may also be related to reckless behavior, other crimes like domestic violence, rape, theft crimes, and even Alabama DUI. In such cases, having the right Dothan assault lawyer on your side is crucial. Minimize your risks of incarceration with Boles Holmes White defending you. We will examine the evidence, interrogate arresting officers, question witnesses, and assert your rights aggressively. Our goal will be to get your charges dropped or at least significantly reduced. If we go to trial, you will have a tenacious defense against Alabama assault charges with our skilled attorneys at your side. Contact us now for your defense against assault charges.

Alabama Second-Degree Assault

Second-degree assault is also considered a felony in Alabama and can lead to significant prison time, a long probation, fines and other long-lasting punishments. If you are charged with second-degree assault in Dothan, defense attorneys at Boles Holmes White will do all we can to get your charges reduced and, perhaps, dismissed. These cases may be related to drug charges, resisting arrest, other forms of assault, or interfering with a police investigation. Call us at (334)-366-6086 to discuss all of the details of your circumstances with an experienced and skilled Dothan assault attorney.

Alabama Third-Degree Assault

Third-degree assault is a misdemeanor but still carries heavy consequences in Alabama: a year in jail and thousands of dollars in fines. Dothan law enforcement may arrest you for assault if you interfere with their duties, recklessly use a weapon, or cause any physical injury intentionally or not. If you are facing a second or subsequent misdemeanor assault charge you may face even more serious Alabama criminal penalties. Contact a Dothan assault attorney to defend your rights against charges in Alabama. Call us at 334-366-6086, or email us for a consultation.

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