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Contact a legal team with five decades of experience defending the people of Alabama from drug related criminal prosecution. Prescription drug crimesmarijuana charges, methamphetamine, crack cocaine —whatever the substance and whatever the charges, our Dothan drug crimes attorneys are more than skilled at defending your rights. Whether you face local Dothan drug charges, Alabama State related drug crimes’ charges, or your case involves a federal crime, we have the resources, the experience, and the history of success to defend you. Call (334)-366-6086.

Our Houston County criminal defense lawyers can anticipate prosecutor’s strategies, interrogate arresting officer’s procedures, and create a sophisticated and creative defense of your Constitutional rights. How was evidence obtained to charge you with a Dothan drug crime? Are witnesses credible? Do prosecutors actually have a case against you? Were your civil rights violated by Dothan police when they arrested you for a drug charge? These are only a small sample of the many questions we can ask to find the flaws in the prosecution’s case. Call us to discuss your defense at (334)-366-6086.

Drug Defense Attorneys: Rigorously Defending Your Rights in Alabama

There is nothing we take more seriously than the United States Constitution. For nearly fifty years, our criminal defense law firm has been aggressively defending citizens’ against law enforcement and institutions that may violate that Constitution. When you contact us, experienced drug attorneys who are relentless about protecting your Constitutional rights will be on your side. Call (334)-366-6086 to speak with your defense lawyer in Dothan.

If you have already been arrested, call us. If you believe you are under investigation for a drug related crime, call us. Even if you’ve been convicted, call us. We are deeply experienced with appeals and post-conviction relief in Alabama and in federal crimes including conspiracy and gun crimes at the state and federal level.

Penalties can be catastrophic: huge fines, decades in prison, extensive probation, and other damage to your life. Having the right criminal defense lawyer is essential to defending your freedom and avoiding the devastation of conviction. From simple possession to importation, trafficking, distribution, and manufacturing, our Alabama defense lawyers are ready to defend you against any charges:

  • Oxytocin distribution
  • Hydrocodone trafficking
  • Ecstasy trafficking across state lines
  • Marijuana growing
  • Heroin importation
  • Prescription drug forgery
  • Crack cocaine possession
  • Methamphetamine manufacturing

Contact the experienced Dothan drug crimes attorneys at Boles Holmes White. Email us today!

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