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The Dothan forgery attorneys at Boles Holmes White regularly represent clients accused of forgery or possession of a forged instrument.

Forgery charges include situations in which one person fraudulently signs someone else’s name to a check without their permission.  If they have permission, it is not forgery, despite the fact the signature is not original.

Forgery applies to more than just fake signatures as it includes the creation (or forgery) of counterfeit documents or instruments.  Alabama recognizes three degrees of forgery.

  • Forgery 1st covers the manufacture of a fake government document or corporate stock or bond and carries punishment up to 20 years as set forth in Code of Alabama (1975) 13A-9-2.
  • Forgery 2nd covers the forgery of a check or the manufacture of a fake deed or last will and testament.  This charge carries a sentence of up to 10 years in prison under Code of Alabama (1975) 13A-9-3.
  • Forgery 3rd covers any “written instruments” not included in Forgery in the first degree or Forgery in the second degree and is punishable by up to a year in jail.

Dothan Possession Of A Forged Instrument Attorneys

In order to convict you of forgery, the prosecution has to prove that you knowingly forged the document.  What if you are in possession of a counterfeit document, but they can’t prove you actually created it, or that you actually forged anyone’s signature?  In such situations you may still be charged with the criminal possession of a forged instrument or “PFI”.

As with forgery, the three degrees of possession of a forged instrument are based upon the type of forged instrument you possess.  Punishment for possession of a forged instrument is the same as if you were charged with the same degree of forgery.

Just possessing a forged instrument does not mean you are guilty of PFI in any degree.  You have to be in possession of the forged instrument with knowledge it is forged before you can be convicted.  Lack of knowledge is one of the best defenses to a charge of possession of a forged instrument.  If you didn’t know the instrument was forged, you are not guilty.  Likewise, if you didn’t know you were in possession of the document, you are innocent.  We have even encountered cases where the document in questions was not a forgery at all.  We turn over every stone to find the best defense for your criminal case.

Have you been accused of forgery or possession of a forged instrument?  If so, call or contact the Dothan forgery attorneys at Boles Holmes White today at 334-366-6086.


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