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Dothan Drug Possession Attorneys for Alabama Drug Crimes

Criminal Defense Lawyer; Cocaine, Marijuana, Heroin, Prescription Drug Charges

Depending on the amount and type of drug you are arrested with in Alabama, you may be facing federal drug crimes or very serious state criminal penalties. Though the specifics of your case will greatly impact the way your criminal attorney wages your defense, you should be aware that if you are convicted of drug possession in Alabama or in a federal court, you may face

  • Months or years in county jail or Alabama State Prison
  • Fines totaling in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • Restrictions on your ability to possess a firearm
  • Harsh mandatory minimums for a drug related federal crime
  • The loss of certain types of financial aid for your education

When you call (334)-366-6086 to discuss your case with an Dothan drug possession attorney, we will inform you of all the legal details that may influence your case. We know every facet of Alabama drug law and have been defending clients against drug charges for decades. Your rights will be protected—aggressively—when you <contact Boles Holmes White.

Call a Skilled Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyer if Arrested for Drug Possession

Contact the criminal defense lawyers at Boles Holmes White.  We will defend your rights if you face marijuana charges because you may face serious penalties especially if you are suspected of drug trafficking. However, our drug defense lawyers are also extremely skilled in defending clients accused of

  • Cocaine: the federal government has harsh mandatory minimums related to coke. Possession may lead to a decade in prison.
  • Prescription drug crimes: without a valid prescription, you can be charged with drug possession.
  • Heroin: in Alabama, having any amount of this drug can lead to a year in federal prison
  • Driving under the influence: drug possession charges may be related to a stop for DUI in Dothan
  • Conspiracy to commit a drug crime related to possession: sales, importation, or manufacturing

Depending on the drug you are accused of possessing, if you have prior convictions, or if the amount alleged to be in your possession exceeds a particular amount, your case may become a federal drug crime. No matter the complex details of your circumstance or the strength of the prosecutors’ case—whether Alabama or Federal prosecutors—we are ready for your defense. Call our Dothan drug possession attorneys at (334)-366-6086, or email us.

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