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Just because you don’t get caught red handed stealing property doesn’t mean you can’t be prosecuted if you are found in possession of stolen property.  Rather than charging you with the actual theft of the property, it is likely you would be charged with receiving stolen property, also referred to as “RSP”.  In order for you to be convicted of this felony, the prosecutor must prove that you are in possession of property you know is stolen. How can they prove that you KNEW the property was stolen?  Unless you confess, the State will have to rely on the circumstances surrounding how you came into possession of the subject property.  If you are contacted about stolen property, keep your mouth shut and contact a good criminal defense attorney.

The three degrees of receiving stolen property charges closely resemble Alabama theft statutes:

  • Receiving stolen property 1st is the knowing possession of stolen property worth more than $2500 (like to Theft of Property 1st);
  • Receiving stolen property 2nd is the knowing possession of stolen property worth between $500 and $2500 (like Theft of Property 2nd); and
  • Receiving stolen property 3rd is the knowing possession of stolen property worth less than $500 (like Theft of Property 3rd).

The experienced Dothan criminal attorneys at Boles Holmes White are familiar with Alabama theft and receiving laws and will review your case.  We can develop a strategy to argue that there is a legal explanation for your possession of the property in question.

Common defenses include:

  • The property was found abandoned and you didn’t know it was stolen;
  • You didn’t know it was stolen because you bought by making a legitimate payment for the merchandise;
  • You didn’t know it was stolen because you received the property as a gift; or
  • The property was never stolen in the first place.

Allow our criminal attorneys to evaluate the defenses for your receiving case. Email us or call Boles Holmes White today at 334-366-6086.

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