Negotiating A Worthless Negotiable Instrument

Dothan Negotiating A Worthless Negotiable Instrument Attorneys

Criminal attorneys representing those with worthless check charges in Dothan, Abbeville, Ozark, and across Southeast Alabama

The majority of people have bounced a check at least once, but that doesn’t make them a criminal.  Writing a worthless check is only criminal when it is done so intentionally with knowledge that there are insufficient funds in the account to cover the check.  This is called “negotiating a worthless negotiable instrument” or NWNI.  NWNI charges can merge into felonies if they are written repeatedly for goods worth in excess of $500 for TOP 2nd or in excess of $2500 for TOP 1st.

Many District Attorney’s offices and Circuit Clerk’s offices make a significant portion of their budget from bad check writers.  That is because for each check, court costs and worthless check collection fees often exceed $400, not including restitution.  That means that $5.00 check you bounced for cigarettes could ultimately cost you over $400.  If you do it twice, that’s more than $800 and so on and so forth with each successive check.

The worthless check attorneys at Boles Holmes White can help.  We regularly negotiate with the District Attorney’s office to save our clients thousands of dollars in court costs and fees.  We also have had success if having these charges dismissed completely so our clients can avoid any criminal conviction.

If you have been charged with negotiating a worthless negotiable instrument, give the Dothan criminal lawyers at Boles Holmes White a call at 334-366-6086, but forgive us if we don’t accept your check as payment for attorneys’ fees.


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