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Robbery generally means taking something from the person of another through the use or threatened use of force.  There are various degrees of Robbery that can lead to charges and differing levels of punishment.

Armed Robbery, often called Robbery I (or Robbery 1st) is the most severe Robbery charge, and is often punishable by up to life in prison.  Armed Robbery involves the use, or threatened use, of a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument to take property from someone.

Many jurisdictions have accomplice Robbery, often called Robbery II (or Robbery 2nd ), which means two or more people work together without a weapon to take property from another person.  While less serious than Robbery I, Robbery II can still have serious consequences and imprisonment.

Finally, the lowest level of Robbery, is often referred to as Strong Arm Robbery, Robbery III (or Robbery 3rd).   Robbery III typically involves the use of force (but not deadly force) by one person against another in an effort property that does not belong to the offender.  The most common example of Strong Arm Robbery is when someone is caught shoplifting, and they use force to escape arrest.

Not only do our Dothan Robbery attorneys know what constitutes the offense of Robbery, they know how to defend someone charged with any form of Robbery.

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