Possession / Manufacturing of Child Pornography

Dothan Computer Sex Crimes Lawyers

Attorneys representing those accused of online crimes such as possession of pornography or solicitation in Enterprise, Ozark, Troy, and the entire Wiregrass region

The Dothan computer crime attorneys at Boles Holmes White have noticed a large spike in child sex cases involving the internet over the past several years.  The internet is more accessible than ever before, and children make up a large portion of internet usage.

As such the Alabama legislature has passed a number of laws designed specifically for internet usage aimed at sex and children.  Our internet crime attorneys at Boles Holmes White have experience representing those charged with all of these types of crimes including:

  • Computer solicitation of a child;
  • Distributing pornography to a child through a computer;
  • Traveling to have sex with a child;
  • Possessing child pornography; and
  • The manufacture of child pornography

These cases usually do not involve actual sexual contact, but rather suggestions of sexual activity.  In fact, in solicitation and traveling cases, there is often never a child involved, but rather an undercover officer posing as a child.

The Dothan computer crime lawyers at Boles Holmes White will review all facts of your case and develop a defense strategy we feel has the best chance of success.

Conviction of a computer sex crime will subject you to a lengthy prison sentence and force you to register as a sex offender.  Ramifications also include a limitation on where you can live and work the rest of your life.

Have you been accused of a child pornography offense, soliciting a child for sex over the internet or any other computer sex offense?  Then email or call the Dothan computer crimes attorneys at Boles Holmes White at 334-366-6086 to represent you.

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