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Alabama parents have the constitutional right to make all decisions regarding their minor children.   Alabama law holds that children’s best interests are served by having a relationship with both parents.  Yet, parents can give up their rights to be a parent, or those rights can be stripped by a judge.  We often see fathers agree to void their rights as a parent in order to not be required to pay monthly child support.  This is a drastic move, and results in the father forfeiting all rights of visitation and custody as well.

The involuntary termination of one’s rights as a parent is also a very serious matter and only occurs in limited situations.  The Alabama juvenile courts can takes such action if:

  1. The parent has abandoned the child;
  2. The parent has a mental illness preventing care of child;
  3. The parent is an addict preventing care of child;
  4. The parent is abusive to the child;
  5. The parent has been convicted of harming another child;
  6. The parent is willfully neglectful of the child;
  7. The parent has failed to exercise visitation of the child.

If someone is trying to take your parental rights, you need to hire an experienced attorney and defend yourself.  Call our Dothan divorce attorneys at Boles Holmes White to protect you and your parental rights.

Seeking to terminate someone’s parental rights?

Has your child has been abused physically or mentally by one of their parents?  If this applies to you, you can petition the Court that exercise jurisdiction over juveniles to terminate that person’s parental rights to protect the child.

Juvenile judges consider the factors provided above to determine whether the termination of parental rights is appropriate.  These hearings can get heated, and you need an experienced family law attorney on your side.  Contact the Dothan Divorce attorneys of Boles Holmes White at 334-366-6086 to assist you in any parental rights hearing.


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