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Dothan asset location attorneys tracking hidden assets in divorce cases in Ozark, Dothan, Abbeville, Enterprise and the rest of South Alabama

Is your spouse hiding money or other property from you?

Usually the first sign someone wants a divorce is when they start hiding cash or other property without their spouse’s knowledge.  This is a common tactic to try to reduce their eventual alimony obligation.  Another reason may be that they are scared of an extended divorce case, and don’t want to run out of money before the case is over.  If you believe your spouse is hiding assets, let our Dothan, Alabama divorce attorneys assist you in locating any assets being hidden by your spouse.

In every divorce case, it is almost certain your spouse will attempt to understate their income or their assets.  If someone is seeking alimony, they want to convince the judge they have a larger need than they actually do.  If someone suspects the judge may order them to pay alimony, they will try to convince the judge they have a lower income and fewer assets from which to pay.

It is impossible to make any intelligent decision in a divorce case until you determine what constitutes the actual assets of the marriage.  The Dothan divorce attorneys at Boles Holmes White will help you identify assets before you even file for divorce, to determine if your spouse is hiding cash or other marital property.

If you are already going through a divorce, we will look for assets to see what is available for you, or so we can argue our client shouldn’t be required to pay anything because the other spouse has been hiding property.

We work with CPAs and private investigators to locate assets in order for you to have a full picture of your spouse’s financial situation.  Never agree to any settlement of divorce until you know what assets exist.

Call the experienced asset location lawyers in Dothan, Alabama to help you with your divorce.  Contact us today at 334-366-6086.


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