Domestic Violence / Protection from Abuse

Dothan domestic violence lawyers protecting our clients

My spouse is abusive. What can I do?

Have you or your children been abused by your partner?  If your welfare is currently in danger, do not hesitate to call the police.  However, if you are the victim of abuse but not in immediate danger, call the Dothan lawyers at Boles Holmes White to protect you from danger.

We can help you file for divorce, and assist you in prosecuting criminal charges against the abuser.  The State of Alabama has specific criminal statutes dealing with violence in a relationship called “Domestic Violence” laws.  These law require mandatory periods of jail, and other stiffer punishment for crimes inside a marriage.  The local District Attorney is responsible for trying the criminal case, but our divorce attorneys help guide you through the criminal and divorce court process.

We can also help you get a temporary restraining order also called a “protection from abuse” order.   The initial Order is only temporary, but we can request it without having to notify the abuser.  Any violation of this temporary Order would subject your abuser to immediate incarceration.  Next, the final hearing on your protection from abuse request is held.  This is supposed to occur in 10 days or less, and it is at this hearing the abuser can contest the request for a protection from abuse order.  If the judge agrees with your request, they typically enter an Order barring them from having any contact with you for a lengthy period of time such as a year.

As with a temporary order, if they violate the permanent protection from abuse order, they can go straight to jail.  We understand some thinking that a “piece of paper” won’t protect them from a violent abuser, but in the experience of our divorce attorneys, once the court system is involved, it usually gets the abuser’s attention and usually prevents future abuse.

I have been falsely accused me of abuse. How do I fight this?

It is common for one partner to try to gain an advantage in a divorce action by falsely claiming abuse.  The thought process is that if they can convince the court they have been beaten, they will receive a better outcome from the Court.  If this scenario applies to you, you have to fight the fictitious allegations because if the judge believes them, your chances of success in the divorce case are slim.

The Dothan divorce attorneys at Boles Holmes White regularly handle false allegations of abuse or domestic violence.  We can also defend against false requests for orders of protection from abuse.

If your spouse has accused you of abuse, do not hesitate to contact our experienced criminal and divorce attorneys.  We have successfully defended clients charged with all levels of domestic violence, stalking and violation of a protection order.  We can flip the table on the accuser because often, if the Court thinks the allegations of abuse are fabricated, we will likely obtain an advantage in the divorce case.

Contact the domestic relations attorneys at Boles Holmes White at 334-366-6086.  We can assist you with your domestic violence situation in Dothan, Enterprise, Ozark, Abbeville, Troy, Geneva or anywhere in the Wiregrass area.

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