Divorce Appeals

Divorce Appeals in Dothan

Dothan attorneys appealing divorce orders to the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals and The Alabama Supreme Court

Your case is not over just because the judge has issued your divorce Order.  If the trial judge made an error in his decision, Alabama law allows you to request the trial judge to amend the divorce order to comply with the law.  However, if the Court refuses to change the Order, you can appeal their decision to the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals.

You can appeal Orders:

The Court of Civil Appeals often defers to the trial judge on decision within their discretion.  However, this deference does not extend to decisions contrary to Alabama law.

An experienced appellate divorce attorney will need to examine your file and the transcript from your divorce case in order to decide if you have sufficient grounds for appeal.

If your divorce judge recently entered the Order in your divorce, and you are unhappy with the decision call us quickly.  There is a very limited amount of time from entry of the final judgment to file an appeal.  Contact the Dothan divorce appeal attorneys at Boles Holmes White to help you today.  Our number is 334-366-6086.


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