Uncontested Divorces in Southeast Alabama

Dothan divorce attorneys preparing uncontested divorces for clients in Ozark, Enterprise, Troy, Abbeville and the entire Wiregrass region

An “Uncontested Divorce” is a divorce proceeding where the spouses agree to all terms before filing for divorce making no mediation or trial necessary.  Uncontested divorce paperwork is filed with the Circuit Clerk’s office notifying the Court that the parties intend to divorce and have worked out the details without the need for Court intervention.

While the costs of an uncontested divorce are less than a contested divorce, that does not always mean it is the best way for you to go.  What if your spouse has hidden assets from you, and you are forfeiting them without your knowledge?  What if you are being forced into a settlement you don’t really think is fair, but you go along with it just to please your soon to be ex?  In these circumstances, you likely would be better off paying for a professional divorce attorney to review your situation to make sure you are getting a fair deal, then just signing off on an uncontested divorce to avoid conflict.    While you may save a few thousand dollars in attorneys fees, you may be giving up tens of thousands in assets to which you would be entitled.  Also, we may be able to negotiate a more favorable settlement for you than the one you’ve been offered.

If you feel comfortable with the agreement you have negotiated with your spouse, our Dothan divorce attorneys can file the proper paperwork to make this uncontested divorce agreement a final divorce decree.  Contact our Dothan divorce lawyers at Boles Holmes White today at 334-366-6086.


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