Enforcement of Divorce Decrees

Divorce Decrees Enforcement Attorneys

Dothan divorce lawyers helping you enforce your existing divorce decree

Sometimes, getting a favorable divorce Order is only half the battle.  Now you have to force them to comply with it.  That’s where the Dothan divorce attorneys at Boles Holmes White can help.  Has your ex failed to pay court ordered child support?  Do they regularly miss their alimony payment?  Have they ignored you when you asked them to sign over the car or the house as the Court ordered?  If any of these situations apply to you, what can you do about it?

First, our attorneys will call your ex’s lawyers to see if they have any valid excuse for failing to meet the Court ordered deadlines.  If there is no valid reason for their delay, we can spring into action.  We typically start by giving them a limited amount of time to comply with the divorce decree, or face a legal contempt hearing.

If your ex ignores our warning, we will then file a motion to compel them to comply or to hold them in contempt for their failure to comply.  More often than not, the filing of the contempt motion scares them into compliance, but if not, we will proceed to the hearing.

At the contempt hearing, our divorce attorneys will advise the judge that your ex has the ability to comply with the divorce decree, but simply refuses.  If you wish, we will request your ex be sent to jail until they decide to meet their obligations under the divorce Order.  This threat of imprisonment is typically enough to obtain compliance from even the most difficult ex spouse as they realize they either comply, or go to jail.

Call our Dothan divorce attorneys at Boles Holmes White for help enforcing your divorce decree.   Don’t let their noncompliance go unchecked.  Contact us today at 334-366-6086.

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