Temporary Custody and Support Pendente Lite

Temporary Custody and Support in Dothan

Dothan temporary custody and support attorneys, starting early to protect our clients

You want a divorce, but are scared.  You want to know:

  • Will I get to stay in the house after I file for divorce?
  • Will I get alimony after I file for divorce?
  • Can I get child support before the divorce is over?
  • Do I get custody of the kids, or at least visitation during the divorce process?
  • What do I do to keep my spouse from running off with all the money?

The divorce attorneys at Boles Holmes White know that some of these issues must be dealt with on a temporary basis at the beginning of the divorce case to establish proper protocol for the parties as they proceed through the divorce process.  Such temporary requests are often referred to as “pendente lite” motions.  Judicial rulings on the parties’ pendente lite requests determine the rights and responsibilities of the spouses in a divorce action prior to the divorce going to trial and becoming final.  Courts taking action on pendente lite requests usually attempt to maintain the status quo for the parties until a final trial of the matter.

Pendente lite Orders should not be interpreted as any indication as to what the Court’s final judgment will look like.  The pendent lite order is only temporary, and the final judgment typically is much more comprehensive, and typically makes significant changes in what was ordered on a temporary basis.

Hearings on pendente lite requests are held before the Court and can be very contentious.  It is often the first court appearances the spouses have together after the divorce has been filed.  Both parties should have an experienced divorce attorney with them to protect there interests in the short term, because sometime divorce cases can take a year or longer to complete and you don’t want to have your lifestyle affected negatively for such a long period of time.

If divorce is in your future and you live in the Dothan, Troy, Enterprise, Ozark, Geneva, Abbeville, or anywhere near Alabama’s Wiregrass area, contact the divorce attorneys at Boles Holmes White at 334-366-6086 to protect your interests pendent lite – while the divorce process is taking place.


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