Divorce of Same Sex Couples

Divorce of Homosexual Couples

Dothan attorneys counseling same sex couples on Alabama marital laws

It seems more common for our Dothan divorce attorneys to have same sex couples contact them asking their rights to marriage and divorce under Alabama law.

While the State of Alabama does not recognize same sex marriages, the Attorney General of the United States recently announced that the United States government does.  However, because Alabama does not recognize homosexual marriage, it also does not provide for same sex divorces.  However, this is a rapidly changing area of the law, and the Dothan divorce attorneys at Boles Holmes White are watching all developments and are willing to assist same sex couples seeking equal rights in Alabama courts.

What happens to the marital estate of a same sex couple who has been married for many years, but now wants to separate?  Who is responsible for payment of the debt incurred to support the relationship?  Like traditional marriages involving a man and a woman, same sex relationships often have one person that earns the majority of the money, while the other partner sacrifices personal success to take care of the spouse and any children.  When everything is the same as traditional marriages, why should same sex marriages that were performed legally in another jurisdiction not receive similar treatment under  the family laws of the State of Alabama.

The family law lawyers at the Dothan office of Boles Holmes White have counseled members of same sex relationships interested in their rights under Alabama divorce law.  We have counseled these clients to each hire a competent attorney assist them in settling any disputes they may have through a mediation process.  While Alabama may be unwilling to grant them access to the Courts for a “divorce”, we believe a binding agreement can be entered to settle their respective rights.  In the right situation, we would be willing to petition the Alabama courts for a biding divorce as well.

If you are in a same sex relationship in Dothan, Alabama or the surrounding area, and want to know your rights, contact the Dothan divorce attorneys at Boles Holmes White at 334-366-6086 and let us create a solution to protect your rights.


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