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There is little as stressful as the financial strain a divorce can put you under.  Many people stay in a bad marriage, simply because they don’t have the resources to leave.  Our divorce attorneys in Dothan, Alabama realize the concern potential divorcees have about their finances post divorce.  Because of this, we focus on protecting our clients assets so they can have some financial security after the marriage is over.

Alabama is an “equitable distribution” state, which means the divorce judge will divide the marital assets in a way that is equitable, or fair, in the Court’s opinion.   This does not mean property will be divided 50/50.   Of course the judge does not get to make this decision if the parties agree to a settlement before trial.

The divorce judge will consider a number of factors in trying to make an “equitable distribution”, including:

  • (1) The respective contributions to the marriage by the parties;
  • (2) The financial health of each party;
  • (3)  How long the marriage lasted;
  • (4) Sacrifices made by parties to support the other spouse;
  • (5) Desire to keep business assets with the business operator;
  • (6) The respective income contributions of each spouse; and
  • (7) The desire to keep the minor children in the home.

Often times a spouse will enter a marriage with a large estate of their own, yet while going through a divorce their spouse will seek to claim some of that separate property.  They will either claim that it is actually part of the marital estate, or that it should be included in the marital estate because the assets were used during the course of the marriage to support the lifestyle of the marriage.

If you spouse was wealthy when you got married, you should realize they are not likely to be fair to you voluntarily now that you are going through a divorce.  In our experience, they will try to hide assets, and keep as much of their estate as they can without regard to how you will support yourself in the future.

It is in these situations that you need an experienced Dothan divorce attorney.  Our divorce lawyers will review your situation and develop a plan for you to protect yourself and the assets to which you are entitled.  Contact us for a divorce consultation at 334-366-6086.


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