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An annulment in Alabama means that it is as if the marriage never happened. Those seeking an annulment should know they are rare. Yet our Dothan annulment attorneys have experience in petitioning the Court for an annulment in the appropriate circumstances. These six circumstances are listed below:

Annulment for Fraud

An annulment can be had if your spouse entered into the marriage by committing fraud. The common example is when one party, with a fake identity is not who they claim to be. In such a situation, an annulment may be granted based on fraud.

Annulment due to Minor Age

If one of the spouses is not yet 18 years of age when the marriage takes place, consent of the minor’s parents is required. If such consent was not given, you can request an annulment and argue the marriage is null and void. Even with parental consent in Alabama you cannot get married until you reach the age of 16. If there is a marriage of someone 15 years or younger, the marriage can be annulled based on that spouse’s minor age.

Annulment due to Duress

Shotgun weddings may be common in the movies and on television, but if one of the parties got married only because they were forced into it, such a marriage could be annulled on the grounds of duress.

Annulment due to Incest

If you married a close relative such as your sister, father, brother, or mother, you can (and should) seek an annulment. Annulments for incest can be obtained by showing the close familial relationship of the spouses.

Annulment due to Lack of Mental Capacity

If one of the spouses did not have sufficient mental capacity to enter into the contract of marriage the parties can seek an annulment. Lack of mental capacity takes several forms. One example would be where one of the spouse’s got married while intoxicated only to find out they were married the previous night. Likewise, if one spouse is mentally impaired, they would not have the ability to form the required intent to get married, which would provide grounds for an Alabama annulment.

Annulment due to Bigamy

Also, if your spouse was already married to another person at the time of your nuptials, such is sufficient grounds for an annulment.  Bigamy is also an Alabama criminal offense.

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