Drivers License Suspension

Criminal DUI Defense Attorneys Protecting You from Driver’s License Suspension

Boles Holmes White: Driver’s License Suspension Lawyers in Dothan

All drunk driving charges carry the risk of the driver losing their ability to drive. Even for a first offense, a driver could lose their license for 90 days. Under Alabama law it may not matter that it is impossible for you to get to work or support your family without a driver’s license.

If you are facing a driving while under the influence (DUI) charge, speaking with an attorney is one way of helping to make sure that you can stay on the road. To benefit from the advice of a seasoned DUI defense lawyer, Call us at 334-366-6086 to schedule an appointment with one of our DUI defense attorneys.

A distinguished law firm on your side against DUI charges and driver’s license suspension.

Boles Holmes White, one of the nation’s most distinguished criminal defense firms, offers expertise in the defense of complex and basic DUI defense for those throughout Alabama.  We use our familiarity with State criminal and administrative procedures to help people defeat drunk driving charges; in addition, we help clients deal with the possibility of their license being suspended, which often occurs well before an actual DUI trial. We will try to avoid the risk of a driver’s license suspension altogether because we know how important driving is to our clients. If avoiding suspension is impossible, we will work with the prosecution, the courts and the DMV to minimize the length of a suspension and to expand your opportunity for a conditional license. This may allow you to at least drive to most of your responsibilities.

No matter where you are arrested, we’ll cover all criminal and administrative aspects of your case for one flat fee. Because we’re committed to achieving the best possible results for our clients, you don’t need to worry about whether our representation will require one court appearance or three. To discuss your driver’s license situation with a knowledgeable attorney, Contact Boles Holmes White for a consultation.


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