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Truck License Suspended Lawyers in Dothan, AL

The charge of driving while under the influence (DUI) is a major criminal charge and affects all drivers. However, for defendants driving while holding a commercial driver’s license (CDL), the stakes are even higher. If you hold a CDL and are charged with DUI, your job and your career are on the line. Unlike regular drivers, where DUI is defined as a blood alcohol level of at least .08, for CDL drivers a DUI conviction can be based on a blood alcohol concentration as low as .04.

For dependable advice about basic DUI defense for CDL holders in Alabama, contact Boles Holmes White. Based in Birmingham and Dothan, our law firm enjoys a national reputation for success in high-profile criminal trials. Our office in Dothan focuses on DUI defense, but draws upon the vast resources and experience of the whole firm whenever necessary to protect our clients’ interests. For the DUI defense you need, Call us today at 334-366-6086 to schedule an appointment with one of our DUI defense attorneys.

If you have been arrested for DUI and need a Truck License Suspension Lawyer in Alabama call Boles Holmes White

We represent truck drivers and other professionals facing DUI charges throughout Alabama. For a single fee, we provide comprehensive service at every stage of your case, from the arrest to trial before a jury. Along the way, we’ll also do everything we can to protect your CDL.

Our coordinated approach to the criminal and administrative aspects of DUI defense helps develop the evidence that can expose the weakness of the government’s case against you.

We understand that a truck driver can’t afford a driver’s license suspension, and we can work to protect your interests whether you were stopped in your commercial vehicle or you were driving off duty at the time of your arrest.

Either way, your commercial driver’s license is threatened by a DUI case. To learn how our experience can help protect your livelihood, Contact a lawyer at Boles Holmes White in Dothan for a consultation about your options.


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