Qui Tam – Whistleblower Suits

Incentivizing and Protecting Those Who Stand Up for What’s Right

When a corporation engages in criminal or fraudulent activities, often the only way it can be stopped is if a courageous corporate insider or employee speaks out and alerts the authorities. Investigators rely on these “whistleblowers” for key evidence and information in prosecuting crimes, but historically whistleblowers have faced harsh consequences for coming forward. Fortunately, there exist federal and state laws protecting whistleblowers, and providing incentives for coming forward. Under the doctrine of “qui tam,” a whistleblower is entitled to receive a portion of the penalty the government imposes on a corporation for the relevant conduct. Moreover, it is illegal for a corporation to retaliate against a whistleblowing employee via pay cuts, harassment, or termination. If you have evidence of fraud at a private company or corruption against the government, the attorneys of Boles Holmes White can help investigate your claim and protect your rights.

Whistleblower statutes have wide applicability to a variety of situations. Suppose a congressional aide has come to learn of bribery or embezzlement by a congressman, and wishes to do something about it. Under the whistleblower statutes, the aide may speak out with impunity and may receive a portion of any fines or penalties that are imposed on the corrupt lawmaker as a result of the information she provides.

Likewise, if an accounting professional has learned that his corporation has been fraudulently billing government programs like Medicaid or Medicare. By helping the government prosecute such offenses, he can recover a portion of the corporate fines that result, and he doesn’t have to worry about being fired for doing so.

The whistleblower attorneys Boles Holmes White understand the sensitive nature of these situations, and we will work with you to protect your rights and guide you through the process. Thousands of qui tam lawsuits have been filed since the whistleblower statutes took effect, and you can recover significant sums of money by reporting corrupt or fraudulent conduct that occurs at your organization.

We have helped clients from Dothan to Montgomery and all over the Southeast, and we can help you. If you have been the victim of employment discrimination or wrongful termination, or if you are suspicious about unusual billing practices at your company, call the whistleblower attorneys of Boles Holmes White at 334-366-6086, or email us today for a consultation.


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