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Ending the Corporate Form: What to Do and How to Do It

The choice to voluntarily dissolve a business may be appropriate for a number of reasons, and can get tricky without an experienced probate attorney to help you with the details of the process. Before a business can be legally dissolved, the appropriate creditors and tax authorities must be notified, and all taxes and bills must be paid. Depending on the form of the business, there might be assets left to distribute to partners, members, or shareholders. The process can be relatively simple with standard forms in smaller operations, but large corporations might take an lengthy amount of time and can require litigation for certain disputes. The notification requirements vary by state and county, so it is important that you find an attorney to guide you through the dissolution process to ensure it goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Boles Holmes White has years of experience handling business dissolutions for all types of incorporated businesses, and we can help you in this complex process. Email us or call the Dothan legal team today at 334-366-6086 for a consultation, and let us put our experience to work for you.  We are helping clients in Houston, Geneva, Pike, Dale, and surrounding counties.


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