Armed Robbery at Dothan Mall

Armed Robbery at Dothan Mall

On April 20, three people were robbed at gunpoint outside of Wiregrass Commons Mall in Dothan.

According to Dothan police, the suspect approached a man sitting in his vehicle in the mall parking lot. The suspect pointed a gun at the man and demanded his money. The victim stated he didn’t have any money, and the suspect ran off. Moments later, two females exited the mall. The suspect approached them in the parking lot, pointed his gun to their backs, and stole their purses. The suspect then left the parking lot in a white Ford Mustang.

With assistance from the Dale County Sheriff’s Office and the Ozark Police Department, Dothan police arrested and charged Benjamin Calvin Nickerson, Jr., who is 21 years old. He has been charged with two counts of robbery 1st degree.

Judges in Alabama give harsh penalties to those convicted of property crimes. If a gun is involved, the sentencing is even more crushing. Being charged with a property crime does not mean you are guilty. To avoid the risks of a steep prison sentence or staggering fines, it is vital to have a knowledgeable defense attorney at your side. An experienced attorney will make your rights, your freedom, and your well-being their top priority.

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