Meth Lab Explosion Leads To Arrest

Meth Lab Explosion Leads To Arrest

On May 5, Dothan police and fire fighters responded to a meth lab fire at the InnTown Suites hotel. Officers arrested 38-year-old Christopher Shane Hutton on arson and meth manufacturing charges.

Dothan Police Department’s narcotics supervisor Sgt. Jason Adkins said, “We don’t have too many explosions like this.” He went on to explain, “You’re putting water into lithium which does not go together. In this case he put too much water in with the lithium and the bottle exploded on him.” Hutton’s face received minor burns in the blast, but no one else was injured. The hotel fire sprinkler system went off, and the fire department responded quickly.

Hutton was charged with felony first-degree manufacturing a controlled substance, felony second-degree arson and felony first-degree criminal mischief for allegedly causing over $2,500 worth of damage to the hotel room as a result of the meth lab explosion.

If convicted, Hutton could face 10 to 99 years or life in prison for the meth manufacturing charge. The arson charge carries a prison sentence of up to 20 years if convicted. Hutton could also face up to 10 years in prison on the criminal mischief charge.

A drug arrest does not mean a conviction is imminent. If you have been arrested on drug charges, it is important to get a seasoned attorney involved early in the process. Whether you are facing charges of trafficking, possession, manufacturing, or any other drug-related crime, an experienced attorney will be on your side, and may be able to get your charges reduced or dropped altogether.

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