Alabama Drug Take-Back Day

Alabama Drug Take-Back Day

For the forth year in a row, the DEA is sponsoring National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day. On Saturday, April 28, residents of Alabama will be able to safely and properly dispose of old prescription drugs that have expired or are no longer needed.

The Alabama Department of Public Health cites prescription drug abuse as an emerging health issue, and the nations fastest growing drug problem. Many teenagers and young people who abuse prescription drugs get them from friends, family, or their home medicine cabinets. The National Drug Take-Back Day was created in an effort to help remove potentially dangerous controlled substances from homes, and to prevent these drugs from ending up in the wrong hands.

In addition to avoiding potential overdoses, it is important to the environment that medicines be disposed of in a proper manner, rather than being tossed into the garbage, flushed down the toilet, or poured down the drain, as they could possibly contaminate water supplies and cause an environmental hazard.

Last year, the DEA collected more than 377,086 pounds of unwanted or expired medications during their third Take-Back Day.

The Dothan Police Department will be participating in the collection. For more locations, or additional information, check

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