What is “Discovery” in a Divorce Case?

What is “Discovery” in a Divorce Case?

If during a divorce questions arise as to the finances of the family or of one spouse in particular there are methods to conduct “discovery” on those issues and attempt to uncover the facts.

Discovery is information sought by each side in a divorce action to assist them in the divorce trial to make sure a fair representation is being made concerning the facts of the case.  It can come in several forms; the most used form of discovery is interrogatories.  Interrogatories are a set of questions sent to the opposing side that must be answered under oath and a written response returned to the sending party.  Also many times a production of documents request will be sent to aid in discovery.  In a production request you can ask for bank records, financial statements, video, photographs etc.  These are but two of the most common methods of obtaining discovery in divorce cases.

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