The Purpose of Bonds in Criminal Cases

The Purpose of Bonds in Criminal Cases

Many times clients are confused about the purpose of a bond in a criminal law case.  A bond amount is set by the court in each case and it is set to act as a surety that the defendant will appear in court for all future court dates.

Bonds in Alabama may be made by a professional bonding company which usually charges a percentage of the total bond amount.  A cash bond may be posted in some cases if it is affordable. The last method is called property bond.  Property bonds are made only if an individual who wishes to make another person’s bond owns property free and clear in an amount equal to twice the amount of the bond.

If a bond is made by a professional bonding company then you are paying for that service and the money you pay to them is not refundable.  If you post a cash bond and are found not guilty then the money is returned to you.  If you are found guilty the money is applied to any fines and court costs that are taxed against you.  If you are out on a property bond the persons property is released when the case is resolved.