Life Sentence Ordered Following Drug Trafficking Arrest

Life Sentence Ordered Following Drug Trafficking Arrest

Marcus Duval Dozier, 44, of Dothan, officially entered a guilty plea to cocaine trafficking charges today in court.  Assistant Houston County District Attorney Kristen Shields announced that as part of the plea deal, Dozier will accept a lifetime prison sentence which was handed down by Circuit Court Judge Brad Mendheim.

The charges arose after Dozier was arrested on May 3, 2012 following a search warrant being served at his home in the 700 block of Monroe Street in Dothan.  Police seized nearly 1.2 ounces of cocaine, 3 grams of marijuana, and two .22-caliber handguns during their search and charged him cocaine trafficking.  Dothan police also charged Dozier with the felony failure to affix a tax stamp to the drugs.  The second tax stamp related charged was dismissed as part of the plea agreement.

Dozier faced an enhanced sentence by the court of either life in prison or life without parole due to his four previous felony convictions.  He was out on parole on two prior felony convictions for drug trafficking at the time of his arrest in May.  Court records show that Marcus Dozier received a 20 year prison sentence for each of the two charges which were  ordered to be served concurrently with each other.  His life sentence was ordered to be served simultaneously with these two prior drug distribution sentences.