Houston County Teacher Arrested on Meth Charges

Houston County Teacher Arrested on Meth Charges

A 10th-grade science teacher at Ashford High School has been arrested by the Houston County Sheriff’s Department on drug charges.

32-year-old Jason Allen Andrews was arrested on May 29 after being stopped by officers. Upon searching his home, deputies found methamphetamine, prescription medication, precursor chemicals, and moonshine. Andrews was charged with two counts of unlawful possession of a controlled substance, one count of unlawful possession of precursor chemicals, and one count of possession of moonshine. Andrews’ traffic stop was part of an investigation being conducted by the Houston County Sheriff’s Department, with assistance from the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.

According to Houston County School Superintendent Tim Pitchford, there is no evidence that Andrews was dealing drugs or alcohol at Ashford High. He claims that Andrews passed a recent random drug test he was given as part of his coaching duties. Police agree with Pitchford, stating that they do not believe Andrews sold drugs at school.

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