Georgia Man Sentenced for Attempted ATM Theft

Georgia Man Sentenced for Attempted ATM Theft

Circuit Judge Michael Conaway has sentenced Devin Rashad Terry, 33, to a 46 month prison sentence for several felony charges in connection to his attempted theft of an ATM machine at a local Regions Bank branch in Dothan.  He will serve his prison term within the Houston County Community Corrections program for two felony counts of first-degree theft of property and one count of felony attempted first-degree theft of property.  According to the bank branch manager where the attempted theft took place, the offense cost the bank nearly $50,000 after the ATM machine was left inoperable and destroyed.

Terry’s attorney requested that the court sentence his client by using the sentencing guidelines and claimed that Terry had never been in trouble with the law before. However, Judge Conaway was quick to point out that Terry had failed a drug test at a previous court hearing.

Court records show that Shayla Thomapson, 34, pleaded guilty in October to her involvement in the theft and received a 72 month prison sentence.  The first-degree theft charges that she and Devin Terry pleaded guilty to involve the theft of a fork lift and a Dodge Ram truck.  Also charged in this case were Nathan Thomas and Demontra Flood, of Atlanta.  Their criminal charges remain pending.

These four individuals were arrested by Dothan police in January shortly after the incidence occurred.