Convicted Rapist Receives Additional Sentencing

Convicted Rapist Receives Additional Sentencing

Mark Anthony Beecham has a list of charges turned convictions that will keep him behind bars for 744 years.

Beecham appears nonchalant as he was led into the courtroom to hear the judge read the verdicts to him. The convictions are brutal and carry long sentences each. Beecham was ordered by Judge Kevin Moulton to serve 99 years each for the three sodomy convictions. He then added to that 99 years each on two different rape convictions and another 99 years on a kidnapping conviction. The lesser charges were 10 years for jumping bail and 20 years for theft. But these charges were just for one of the women he attacked in his extensive criminal career. That attack occurred in 2006.

He had already been sentenced to for another brutal attack of another Dothan woman in 2006, for which he received 100 years in prison. Upon sentencing, he was already serving a 20 year sentence for the kidnapping and rape of a Tallahassee college student in 2007.

One of the victims, according to Beecham, had traded drugs for sex. He says that he had supplied her with cocaine and that they had a history of consensual sex, including the day for which he was standing trial. Beecham testified that the woman owed him $175, but that she only had $100 to pay him offering to trade the other $75 for sex. The jury didn’t see it that way.

After long deliberations, the verdict was reached by jurors. Guilty on all charges. Beecham will return to Florida to finish serving his time for the Tallahassee conviction first.