Motorcycle Accidents

Sharing the Roads

Motorcyclists encounter a different array of risk on the road from those that other drivers face. There is not much protection between a motorcycle rider and the road, and other vehicles are a constant threat. Studies show that 81% of motorcycle accidents result in bodily injury or death. The attorneys of Boles Holmes White are experienced litigators, and will fight to get you the recovery you deserve by ensuring that the responsible parties are made to pay for the damage they cause.

There are many common causes of collisions between cars and motorcycles. For example, sometimes cars fail to allow a motorcyclist the full lane width, or fail to look for them by checking mirrors and blind spots before switching lanes. Failure to allow proper following distance or to signal a lane change can also cause a collision. Most often, the motorist simply fails to see the motorcyclist.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a motorcycle accident, we would like to help. We can review statements of witnesses, consult experts and medical professionals, and research the relevant law to build the strongest possible case. We know how to negotiate with insurance companies, and we know how to win in a jury trial. Let the Dothan motorcycle accident attorneys at Boles Holmes White put our skills, experience and resources to work for you. Whether you live in Columbia, Rehobeth, Cottonwood, or Midland City, we can help. Time is a factor, so call us today at 334-366-6086 or email us for a consultation.

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