Three Arrested in Dothan Armed Robbery Case

Three Arrested in Dothan Armed Robbery Case

A brief armed robbery investigation by the Dothan Police Department officially concluded on Tuesday night with the arrest of three individuals.  According to Police Sergeant Maurice Eggleston, Johnathon Walker and Joshua Marsh were taken into custody around 11:00 p.m. and charged with first-degree armed robbery.  Demetrus Heath was arrested earlier in the day and also charged with first-degree armed robbery.

According to investigators, on March 14th a 22 year old male was approached in the 1000 block of South Bell Street and robbed by Heath, Walker, and Marsh.  The victim was held at gunpoint by one of the suspects while the other two searched through the victim’s vehicle.  The three suspects were able to flee the scene with items belonging to the victim but were later identified.

Dothan Police Lieutenant Will Benny, the supervisor of the criminal investigation division, released a statement confirming that no one had been injured during the robbery.

Police issued warrants for the suspects on March 17th and were able to arrest Heath, 18, during a traffic stop the following day.  Walker, 20, and Marsh, 20, were taken into custody after turning themselves in to the Dothan Police Department later that evening.

All three suspects were taken to the Houston County Jail and are being held on $60,000 bail each.

In the state of Alabama, armed robbery is a class A felony with a sentencing range from 10 to 99 years in prison for a first offense.  The sentence can be enhanced if the defendant has been convicted of prior felonies.

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