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The Dothan attorneys at Parkman White, LLP are a diverse group, each with a specialized expertise in numerous areas of Alabama law. While the firm gained a nationwide reputation for excellence following the high profile representation of Richard Scrushy, there is no matter to big or too small for our competent attorneys to handle. We provide top-notch legal representation to clients in Houston County and surrounding counties, assisting people with issues ranging from criminal defense, personal injury suits, and divorce, to DUIs, bankruptcy, wills and estates. Our Dothan attorneys have vast trial experience, having taken hundreds of cases to a jury verdict. They are also expert negotiators, who can secure the best possible outcome for each client depending on their unique circumstances. By employing a “team approach” to each case, our clients receive the benefit of our attorneys’ combined expertise, and can rest assured their legal matters are in competent hands.


The problems that arise from financial insecurity are wide-ranging, and often extend far beyond the financial issues. In fact, the impact can be so devastating as to have an effect on one’s health. If you find yourself under the financial strain of unpaid bills, harassing creditors, and the mounting inability to provide for you and your family, bankruptcy might be an important option to consider. Our expert bankruptcy attorneys can provide a consultation and discuss your options in a caring and sensitive way. We can also help guide you through the processes of various debt relief solutions, including bankruptcy, to ensure you obtain the maximum relief to which you are entitled. Your first step to gaining that “fresh start” is to give us a call, and let us put our experience to work for you.


If you have been injured or suffered the devastating effects of the wrongful death of a member of your family, or if you have been sued and need to know what to do next, your first priority should be to retain an experienced civil trial attorney who can ensure quality representation of your interests. The Dothan attorneys of Parkman White, LLP can provide you a consultation to evaluate your claim and advise you of your rights under the law. Whether your case involves a business dispute, a personal injury, or a wrongful death, we have the experience and relevant expertise to secure a favorable outcome for you. We have fought for individuals and business throughout Alabama and the Dothan area in various civil matters, and stand ready to help you enforce your rights as an Alabama citizen.


Being charged with a crime is one of the most harrowing ordeals a person can experience. Our expert Dothan criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience in defending clients against the most serious of charges, including drugs and weapons charges, sex crimes, murder, conspiracy, computer crimes, theft, assault, and more, in both State and Federal courts. While sometimes a zealously negotiated plea agreement is the best course of action in a particular case, we are by no means “plea attorneys” – in fact, we prefer trying cases to a jury, requiring the Government to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt, and our trial record demonstrates this preference. We have collectively tried hundreds of criminal jury trials to a verdict and more often than not hear those two satisfying words: “NOT GUILTY.”


A divorce is often an emotional roller coaster, and sometimes clients feel as though the legal aspect of a divorce is secondary consideration. However, in divorce litigation, the human condition is exactly the reason why you need the most competent representation of your interests that you can possibly acquire. The Dothan legal team of Parkman White, LLP has several experience divorce attorneys who have tried hundreds of domestic cases, involving issues ranging from abuse and neglect to child custody and property settlements. We recognize that divorce cases can be emotionally draining on both parties, and our extensive experience allows us to comprehensively advise our clients, but also effectively negotiate and litigate on behalf of our family law clients.


Alabama DUI laws are only getting tougher, as members of the Alabama legislature seem determined to use this area of criminal law to demonstrate their “toughness” on crime. This makes it difficult to plead guilty without losing your driver’s license and even your job. Some circumstances also require costly ignition interlock devices, and in the meantime Federal authorities are advocating a reduction in the legal blood alcohol content driving limit from .08 to .05. More often than not, a when charged with DUI, you have a better chance fighting the case, even if you believe you might be guilty. Our expert DUI team consists of former law enforcement officers, as well as former prosecutors, putting our firm in the unique position of being able to provide a complete defense for DUI clients. Our record reveals our extensive success in defeating DUI charges in court, even those involving incriminating field sobriety and breath tests.


Our Dothan legal team has years of experience counseling clients in estate planning and other property issues. We can draft wills, revocable and irrevocable trusts, living wills, powers of attorney, along with other instruments, all with an eye towards our clients’ intentions and financial security, as well as potential tax benefits. Our Dothan probate lawyers also administer estates and can probate an estate with or without a Last Will and Testament. Our expert corporate attorneys also have experience in drafting corporate documents to create LLCs, LLPs, PCs, and corporations or to dissolve defunct entities in order to avoid tax penalties. If you have estate planning or business drafting needs, your first step is to call the legal team at Parkman White, LLP.


Perhaps our firm’s greatest legal victories have come in the field known as “white collar crime.” Certainly it has been our defense of cases such as the prosecution of former Healthsouth CEO Richard Scrushy for $3 billion in securities fraud  (full acquittal on all counts), or our representation of Alabama state senator Harri Anne Smith, charged with conspiracy, federal programs bribery, wire fraud, and money laundering (full acquittal on all counts), that have established Parkman White, LLP as THE name in white collar criminal defense. For more information on this distinguished area of our practice, please visit our white collar practice website at If you are the target of an investigation or have been indicted by the State or Federal authorities on such a matter, you need to place your defense in the competent hands of our Dothan white collar criminal defense attorneys.


Our Dothan, Alabama team of attorneys offer consultations in-office, and stand ready to assist you in these stressing legal matters. Give us a call at 334-792-1900 or E-mail us today and let us put our experience to work for you.