Dothan Man Charged with Theft in False Dog Training Scheme

Houston County Sherriff’s Lieutenant, Bill Rafferty, confirms that five felony criminal charges of theft have been filed against David Andrew Bynum for allegedly not performing services agreed to as part of a business called Wiregrass K-9.  Bynum, 26, faces four counts of second degree theft of property and a single second degree theft by deception charge.  Additional charges of animal cruelty could come after evidence is presented before a Houston County grand jury.

According to Sherriff’s officials, Andrew Bynum recruited customers through his website by offering to train dogs for a fee.  The investigation reveals that Bynum did not perform the services paid for by customers and often returned the dogs untrained and with health issues. Bynum claims to have a training facility despite the investigation being unable to revel one that actually exists at this time.

On the Wiregrass K-9 website,, Bynum had a dog named “Xander” located in the “Our Endorsers” section where a customer appeared to be promoting the business. Bill Rafferty reports that the animal actually belongs to one of the victims who have filed charges against Bynum.  Xander, a German Sheperd, was returned to his owners with health issues and appeared to be under weight.

Lieutenant Rafferty notes at this time he has identified “at least four victims” and expects there will be more as the investigation continues.

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