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Fairley Elusive

The Detroit Lion’s lineman, Nick Fairley, was arrested in Mobile County on May 27th. He was clocked by a state trooper at the excessive speed of 100mph while driving his Cadillac Escalade. He’s reported by WALA-TV as attempting to elude police officers near the intersection of Highway 90 and Tillman’s Corner, on I-10.

Aside from the DUI arrest, he was also ticketed for reckless driving, no proof of insurance, and an open container. This was the second arrest for the 2011 first-round draft pick from Auburn. The first arrest occurred April 3rd for possession of marijuana.

Apparently though, he’s not the lone Lion with a problem of staying out of trouble during the offseason. Two other 2011 Lion draft picks have also been caught in possession of marijuana. Running back  Mikel Leshoure was also arrested twice, as well as offensive tackle Johnny Culbreath.

Fairley was an All-American at Auburn after … Read the rest

Henry County Deputy Arrested

A Henry County Sheriff’s deputy found himself on the other end of the handcuffs this week. Nicholas Cheek of Abbeville is now facing multiple felony charges after being arrested by the Alabama Bureau of Investigation on May 30.

Cheek had worked for the Henry County Sheriff’s Office since 2008 until he was terminated following his arrest. Henry County Sheriff William Maddox said that there had been some complaints filed against Cheek regarding stolen property, including prescription medication and three handguns. “He’d made some traffic stops and taken some things away from people. The handgun that was taken in March was still in his patrol vehicle. I don’t know what his intentions were, but it should’ve been turned in,” said Maddox.

Cheek was charged with four felony counts of second-degree theft of property and felony intimidating a witness.  Allegedly, one of the handgun thefts occurred in 2009, when Cheek responded to … Read the rest

Police Step Up DUI Enforcement Over Memorial Day Weekend

Gas prices broke record highs for the first quarter of the year, putting strain on many household budgets, but that won’t stop the large number of Americans who can’t wait to get out of town and travel this holiday weekend. Nationwide, about 30.7 million people are expected to travel this Memorial Day weekend. That represents a 1.2 percent increase over 2011. Traffic on Dothan roads and highways will be heavier than usual, and that means police will be out and about, checking everything from seatbelts to impaired drivers.

To avoid an accident or ticket this holiday weekend, try to be extra cautious, and expect traffic congestion. Allow extra time to get to your destination, since back-ups are inevitable with so many motorists on the roads. Read-end collisions caused primarily by distracted driving, speeding, and following too closely are the most common accidents that occur in heavy traffic.

With the … Read the rest

Who Gets The Dog?

Custody cases involving pets are on the rise across the country. They have become so common, there is even a book available about how to co-parent a pet with your ex, titled, “What About Wally?” (See the book here.)

Although pets are considered property in every state, and have historically been treated like possessions during divorce proceedings, the times are changing. Judges are beginning to view pets more like children in divorce settlements. Judges realize that people have strong emotional attachments to their pets. David Pisarra, coauthor of the pet parenting book, says, “There is a shifting consciousness. Pets are being given greater consideration under the law.”

Whereas couples were once embarrassed to fight for custody of a pet, these days animals are considered an important part of the family. But there is no law that recognizes visitation with an animal, so couples have to figure out how … Read the rest

Reducing Sexual Victimization Behind Bars

According to a survey done by the Justice Department which questioned former state and local prisoners, nearly one in ten admitted they were sexually victimized at least once in prison by other inmates or prison staff. Sexual victimization was defined within the study as all types of unwanted sexual activity with other inmates, abusive sexual activity with other inmates, and both willing and unwilling sexual activity with staff. (Prisons prohibit sexual contact between inmates and staff, so any sexual activity between the two groups is officially classified as nonconsensual.)

Regulations regarding prison rape have been in the works for years, but shortly after the results of this survey were released, the White House ordered federal, state, and local prisons, jails, and detention facilities to step up the fight against prison rape. These new regulations are effective immediately, requiring these facilities to issue mandatory screenings to detect possible sexual victimization, and … Read the rest

Alabama Considering Bill to Make Divorcing Parents Complete Educational Program

The Alabama House of Representatives is considering a bill that would make it mandatory for divorcing couples with at least one minor child to complete a four-hour “marriage dissolution education program” prior to filing for divorce. Both parents would be required to attend the class, regardless of which parent is seeking the divorce.

The goal of the class would be “increasing the parents’ sensitivity to children’s needs,” and “giving parents skills to improve their own and their children’s adjustment to the breakup of the family.” The class would also cover reconciliation, possible benefits of avoiding divorce, and alternative options such as couples counseling. The cost would be $100 or less per person. Those who qualify as low-income would not be required to pay the fee.

Some feel that marriage dissolution classes may be a helpful thing for certain couples, but that a bill requiring the class is just another … Read the rest

Meth Lab Explosion Leads To Arrest

On May 5, Dothan police and fire fighters responded to a meth lab fire at the InnTown Suites hotel. Officers arrested 38-year-old Christopher Shane Hutton on arson and meth manufacturing charges.

Dothan Police Department’s narcotics supervisor Sgt. Jason Adkins said, “We don’t have too many explosions like this.” He went on to explain, “You’re putting water into lithium which does not go together. In this case he put too much water in with the lithium and the bottle exploded on him.” Hutton’s face received minor burns in the blast, but no one else was injured. The hotel fire sprinkler system went off, and the fire department responded quickly.

Hutton was charged with felony first-degree manufacturing a controlled substance, felony second-degree arson and felony first-degree criminal mischief for allegedly causing over $2,500 worth of damage to the hotel room as a result of the meth lab explosion.

If convicted, Hutton could … Read the rest

Henry County Drug Arrest

On April 27, Henry County Sheriff’s deputies arrested two Georgia residents on felony drug charges, after pulling a vehicle over for a routine traffic stop on U.S. Highway 431.

Richard Minter, 42, and Lacole Boles, 35, who are from McDonough, Ga., were both arrested and charged with felony drug trafficking after deputies discovered about 16 pounds of marijuana in their vehicle. According to Henry County Public Information Officer Chad Sowell, the marijuana was in two “large bales,” one in the back seat and the other in a leather book bag. Sowell said deputies chased the passenger, Minter, on foot from the scene and apprehended him. Supposedly, the duo was on their way to Panama City when the arrest took place.

If you have been arrested, it is possible that a police officer may have violated your rights. There is a chance that you were stopped for unjustified reasons. A skilled … Read the rest